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Updated: 06/03/2018



Board of Directors



Douglas R Simpkins Jr.


Vice Chairman

John T. Gaither



Dennis B Wilderson



Joseph D Antoszewski

Bryan J McDowell

Timothy G Moran

Mustafa Sidik







John McDowell

(Philosophy on Leadership)


Vice-President - Steven R. Gower

Recording Secretary - Heather L  Wilderson

A/Recording Secretary - Katherine Q. Looram

Treasurer - Christopher J Brocato

Assistant Treasurer - Edward Sachs

Financial Secretary - Donald R. Gutberlet

A/Financial Secretary - Delores M. Gutberlet

Sergeant of Arms - Robert L. Nauman

Chaplain - Stephen M. Owens

Assistant Chaplain - Christopher J. Brocato

Emergency Operations 


Captain: Norman V. Simpkins Jr
Chief of Staff: Tracy M. Barresi

Sr. 1st Lieutenant: David B Graham Jr.
1st Lieutenant Supp/Rescue: Andrew T Petry
1st Lieutenant EMS: Mihai T Petrisor
1st Lieutenant Training: John G Alexander

2nd Lieutenant Suppression/Rescue: Joshua R Gill
2nd Lieutenant Suppression/Rescue: Adam Wright

2nd Lieutenant EMS: Erich J Goetz
2nd Lieutenant EMS: Timothy M Becker
2nd Lieutenant EMS: Nadia Pechacek
EMS Team Leader: Matthew Urick

Swiftwater Team Administrator: James L. Tully III
Swiftwater Team Lead: Robert L. Nauman
Swiftwater Team Lead: Christopher J. Brocato

Maintenance Officer: Paul R. Meseke Sr.
Maintenance Officer: Michael C. Barresi

Staffng Officer: Dennis B Wilderson





President Patricia Yakel

Vice-President Jennifer L Gower

Recording Secretary Sarah K. Harrison

Financial Secretary Frederick W. Smith        

Treasurer  Mary Beth Ripley

Assistant Treasurer  Abigail Cipriano

Sergeant of Arms  Scott Ripley

Chaplain  James R. Higgins


Last Updated on: Sunday June 03, 2018